Reign of Nations Kickstarter

DECEMBER 2, 2019

Reign of Nations


Zya has become a war-torn planet. You alone must lead one of seven nations to compete for absolute power. Each move will test your might and even when all hope seems lost, there is always a path to victory!

The time has come Traveler. Command vast legions led by mighty warlords and ultimately summon your guardian to reign over all other nations.

Expect the unexpected in Reign of Nations, a new epic 2-7 player fantasy / sci-fi board game of planetary domination! Enjoyable for all skill levels; recommended ages 14+.


Zya is truly the world of worlds! She is the largest life-bearing planet discovered to-date.  Never has the universe seen such a diverse spectrum of life.  She resides in a binary star system deep within the Helioux galaxy and has prominent dual planetary rings and 13 moons, which are attributed to the three immense asteroid belts she must pass through during each complete revolution.  Additional celestial bodies within the star system include four planets of varying sizes and The Void; a black hole located on the outskirts, which has played a key role in the evolution of many of Zya’s inhabitants. There are three discernible continents and many large island formations found throughout Zya’s endless waters. Every journey through the wilds of Zya is only bound by one’s imagination - enjoy the ride!


On many worlds, there is one moment so momentous and shattering that all others end up measured by it. On Zya, that moment was the Black Dawn. Zya was never paradise, but it was home to a host of varied, vibrant species and cultures that coexisted - in relative peace. All that changed when the Dyathus - the chaotic horde also known as the Dread - introduced themselves to the world in one massive blood-stained strike. Since then, life on Zya has been irreversibly changed, all previous historical turning points rendered irrelevant. Now, there is only Before The Dread and...well, it remains to be seen whether there is such a thing as After The Dread for the inhabitants of this world, or if they will all slowly become assimilated into its swarm...

Zya is many things.  It is deep, vast oceans.  It is land, divided up and fought over by nations.  But more than that, it is boundless mountain ranges, dense, near-untraversable forests, dark, winding caverns, and wide, sun-scorched plains.  In these, the wilds of Zya, you will find the Freyah...








We, Ray George and Brian Egger, started Absolute Dominion Entertainment in 2009 on the premise that every game should be a testament to what makes gaming great – Having Fun! With our team of amazing talent combined with our vast gaming knowledge and experience, we passionately strive to achieve this goal. Thanks to everyone who has helped make our dream into a reality. Prepare to immerse yourself into the Reign of Nations universe.  Reign of Nations | Presented by Absolute Dominion Entertainment is the first of many planned board games and our first product line. Please reach out to us if you have any questions and/or comments, we value your opinion. 


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